About Bonnie's Rat Terriers

We are located 20 miles from Thomson, Georgia and about 24 miles from Augusta, Georgia.  

Puppies shown by appointment

We do not sell to other breeders

We reserve the right not to sell to you if for any reason we feel you may not give our pups a safe happy home.  We do ask that if you buy a pup and can not keep it you bring it back to us. 

All of our dogs are treated as members of the family and loved and respected. We feed a raw meat diet  but your pups will be fed Puppy Chow the last two weeks we have them for your convenience.  We start worming at two weeks and continue every two weeks until they leave. Shots are given at 5 weeks as that is what is recommended.  You are required to take the pup to the vet within two days of pick up. We now have a new large nursery air conditioned where dams are brought at least two weeks before delivery and stay with pups til they are weaned. Pups stay in the nursery til you pick them up. They are never out doors. So it is important that they not be put on the ground until they see the vet. He can determine if they need another shot.

A lot of our business is from former customers who come back to us for new pups. We do not use a contract, as we feel that if you are interested in one of our pups you are already the sort of people who will take great care of them. We do ask that you take the pup to the vet within two days of picking one up. We  do not give refunds but if one of our pups dies for reasons we feel makes us responsible we will replace the pup with proof of death and cause from the vet. All of our pups leave us healthy. We do not sell a pup that is not tip top. We want all our customers to have happy experiences with healthy pups.     Please make checks and money orders out to Bonnie Christian. We ask that you be sure before committing to a pup. Deposits are non refundable. If you make a commitment and then change your mind that costs that pup time he might use to find his forever home and is not fair to him or her. 


We have invested years in developing our line and feel that we have quality dogs. A lot of you will remember when a rattie cost 50.00 and call us expecting that price now. I would love to go back to those days but its not possible. We feed our dogs well on deer and chicken. They have vitamins shots and wormings. Pens have to be kept up and long nights are spent helping mom with her litter. Clean up is non stop plus feedings for the pups. Not to mention the heartbreak when you lose a pup which happens. There's a lot that goes into breeding a good dog. Ask any breeder. Anyway we feel we have priced our pups at a point where we can keep our dogs in good quality shape and not cheat them. Thanks for reading and we hope you will choose one of our beautuful healthy pups.