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I thought I would put a little about our pups and rat terriers on here for you. I was contacted by a customer who had done a dna test on her pup. And was upset because he had tested half jack russell and half chihuahua. Well that is as close to pure to the breed as you can get. Purebred does not mean only one breed in the ansetry it means being bred true to the standard. Rat terriers were a well known breed years ago but are not as well known now and some times only an experienced breeder will know how pure one is. I have developed my line over 15 years to be pure to the breed and am proud to have well bred beautiful dogs that are loved and taken care of as all dogs should be. Before you purchase one of these dogs make sure you talk with the breeder and get proper information. I stand behind all of my dogs. You will never find a smarter more playfull little clown. If you have had the privilege of calling a rattie your friend you have been lucky. Call me with any questions you might have. I will do my best to get accurate information for you.