I have bought 4 fur babies from Bonnie, 2 for myself and 2 for my granddaughter. We bought 2 in July 2018 and just bought 2 more May 2019. These are very healthy and beautiful puppies. I have gotten rave reviews from my vet stating what a beautiful breed these fur babies are. She is not just a breeder, she is a lover of all her fur babies. If you are looking for a beautiful Rat Terrier don't hesitate to visit Bonnie.I give her 10 stars. Thanks Bonnie for my beautiful babies. - Anna Ellis


I first met Ms Bonnie over the phone about 8 months ago. I called her because my little lulu had died. I was heart broken but Ms Bonnie was compassionate and understanding. She did not have any minis at the time but asked me if i wanted to wait and i did. I had seen pictures of her dogs on her web site. They were truly beautifuland very healthy. I could tell she was proud of them. She contacted me when the pups were born . I chose a female named Molly. She is a very intelligent beautiful loving and active puppy that runs like the wind. she was well worth the wait. My house is a home again. Debbie 


Every Morning I Get To Wake Up To My Beautiful Sabastian


This is a different kind of testamonial.  Our Bandit died 6/22/19. He was with us 14 years. Needless to say he was greatly loved and will be missed forever.  Alot of your pups generated from him. He came to us as a rescue. He was bossy loving and fun. He was king. Alot of you call looking to replace your loved pets that have gone on. You are heart broken as i am today. We cant replace them but they are like potato chips no two are alike and we can find more love. They are the most loving sweet smart funny dogs in the world and if you have never had one for a friend you have missed alot.  Missing Bandit-Bonnie

We have loved every minute of the last few weeks with our new pup. She has learned her new name Taffy very well. Her personality has really started to come out and she Constantly makes us laugh. We are tackling potty training like champs and are getting better every day. Taffy is exactly what our family needed and we are very thankful for her.